VE Massager Fat Burning Sports Body Machine

VE Massager Fat Burning Sports Body Machine

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VE Radio Sculpting-Slimming Instrument Sports Body Machine is a high technology body sculpting product, which is developed on the base of principles of physics and ergonomics, combined with modern microelectronic technology. It is controlled by a mini-processor and has a six different sets of auto body sculpting mode. It produces impulse waves of different frequencies and intensities. These secure impulse waves will stimulate the neurons of your body and make the muscle to do contractive movements to consume excess calories.

Adopting advanced EMS technology: which builds muscle and relaxes stiff muscle through the skin, it is recognized as a clinically proven effective, non-medication method of training muscle
– Ergonomic design: 360 degree positioning fat burning, and soft-start design, convenient to use
– Multi-purpose machine: well-designed 6 different modes of body sculpting and adjustable 10-level intensity to match your different daily demands
– Built-in timer: a timer is set inside, making the machine automatically power off after 30 minutes in working mode, 20 seconds in standby mode
– Safe and healthy: without any side effects for human
– Portable and delicate: it can be used anytime and anywhere


  • Brand: VE (Very Ease)
  • Material: ABS
  • Colour: White
  • Input Voltage: 3.7V
  • Output Voltage: 20-180V
  • Charging Current: 200 mAH
  • Electrostatic Current: 10 µAH
  • Power: ≤ 3W
  • Pulse Frequency: 20-50 Hz
  • Pulse Range: 50 µS

* Please read the user manual carefully before using

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