Twist flat mop

Twist flat mop

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The Titan Twist Mop has a durable microfiber cloth pad that captures all kinds of dirt and cleans surfaces thoroughly. This Microfiber technology is so effective that you don’t even need to use expensive detergents or other harmful chemicals when cleaning – simply use water. The cleaning pad holds a super absorbent twistable shammy towel inside of it that effectively locks in any wet mess as you mop.

The Titan Twist Mop is both a flat microfiber mop and a microfiber duster that comes in handy when cleaning hard to reach places.

  • Use wet or dry for mopping or dusting
  • Flat design fits under furniture & appliances
  • Great for cleaning tiles, marble, ceramics, porcelain, vinyl, wood, laminates wall surfaces and mouldings.
  • No need for harmful expensive detergents – Simply use water.
  • Wrings out with a single twist of the pole– no filthy hand wringing

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