Travel Rest - Inflatable Pillow

Travel Rest – Inflatable Pillow

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With its patented ergonomic shape, the Travelrest® inflatable travel pillow attaches to the “wings” of an airline seat, headrest of a car, or can be worn “messenger bag style”, nestling against the head and neck to provide support and comfort in flight or on the road.

Even without a seat back, inflatable Travelrest®‘s versatile design provides excellent support – simply sling the tether cord over your head and shoulder… and relax. It’s The Travel Pillow, Reinvented!

• Attaches to airline seats or car seats or worn like a messenger bag
• Can be used with a low back seat
• Inflates with little effort (3-4 easy puffs), deflates in seconds.
• Can also be worn “Freestyle”
• Portable and compact
• Attaches easily to luggage

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