Proda power bank 5000mah

Proda power bank 5000mah

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Now you can listen to music, talk or surf longer. Presenting your attention – Backup portable power source, proprietary Power Bank Remax Proda – take charge on a journey, or to any place where there is no electricity. This additional battery will charge your gadget anywhere. Just turn it on and connect to your phone and it will do the trick. Charging this accessory from the network or PC. Lithium-polymer battery capacity of 5000 mAh. The battery capacity is enough for several various devices.

The battery is compatible with any device that supports USB charging (Apple, Samsung as well), whether phones, tablets, or players, etc. Compact size, modern design, safety and excellent quality – the distinctive features of this battery.


Compatibility – with all devices
Length – 9 cm
Width – 4 cm
Thickness of 1.5 cm
Weight – 100g
Capacity – 5000 mAh
Input voltage – DC5V – 1000 mA (max)
Output voltage – DC5V – 1000 mA (max)
Short circuit protection, power surge.
Working temperature; -10 To +50 degrees Centigrade.
Number of charge cycles:> 1000.

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