Portable Cooling and Warming Refrigerator

Portable Cooling and Warming Refrigerator

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This portable 12V fridge can handle your diet problem with ease when you need to stay in your car for a long time. No more costly stops for food and drink!
  • Efficient cooling: Cools ambient temperature below 15-20℃ without ice.
  • Heating capable: For reheating your sandwich or other food up to 65℃.
  • Flip top cover, convenient to put in or take out stuffs.
  • Black sealing ring on the top cover, ensures good heat preservation capacity.
  • Semiconductor refrigeration system, non-pollution, long life, low noise and consumption.
  • Light weight and come with a strap(141cm), can be carried on the shoulder.
  • Vehicle power supply cord(185cm) for plugging into your car.
  • 4 anti-slip foot pads on the bottom.

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