Portable 2-Tier Basket Drawers

Portable 2-Tier Basket Drawers

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This Portable 2-Tier Basket Drawers will ensure that all of your items stay where you put them and are easy to see and access whenever you need to. The simple but effective 2-tier design creates extra space, like adding a new shelf without any messing around with spirit levels and hammers! The drawers are really straightforward to assemble, with no tools required; simply slot the pieces together as explained in the easy to follow instructions and you’re ready to go

  1. Great for organising kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  2. Compact and portable cupboard organiser
  3. Rubber, non-skid feet; sturdy and supportive
  4. Pull out baskets for easy access any time
  5. Easy assembly – no tools or DIY required!

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