Pop Up Spice Rack

Pop Up Spice Rack

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Pop-up stylish spicy rack As Seen on TV . How many times have you found yourself scratching around your spice drawer or cupboard, searching for the right one? Bottles falling all over the show, sticky lids spilling their contents all over the kitchen and at the end of the day, you still can’t find the right bottle. With this pop-up spice rack you’ll be able to tell what spices you have at a glance.

The pop-up stylish spicy rack with a sleek modern look is the best way to store your spices! A stylish rack with an ergonomic, modern look, this container is all you’ll ever need in the kitchen for all your spice storage needs. Its pop-up containers easily slip to the tree rack’s limbs. The rubber lid that covers each container guarantees the freshness of its content. The transparent design allows you see what particular spice you need in cooking or dish preparation.

  • 6-piece set complete with pop-up rubber lids
  • Includes a stylish rack with an elegant design for that sleek and modern look
  • Convenient see-through container adds visual appeal
  • A great accessory for every Kitchen
  • Easy pop-up lid- to seal in freshness
  • Each container holds up to 4 oz. of your favorite herbs, spices and seasonings
  • An ideal gift for friends & relatives for the holiday season

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