Perfect Fries

Perfect Fries

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Make restaurant style French fries, zucchini fries, sweet potato fries, apple fries, onion fritters, and more in your home with the convenient Perfect Fries One Step French Fry Cutter. This incredible appliance is showcased in ‘As Seen on TV’ range, whose products are known to simplify cumbersome tasks. The compact, 5.25inch tall French fry maker is ideal for use in small kitchens too as its small footprint gives you more space to move around.

It comes with superior quality cross pattern blades that are securely embedded in the appliance’s lower housing. Just place a potato, zucchini, sweet potato, apple, or onion on the blades and push it down with the bundled top housing. The sharp blades ensure the ingredients are cut perfectly each time. The lower and the top housing are composed of durable plastic while the blades are forged using high quality stainless steel. You can easily clean this appliance manually or by placing it in your dishwasher.

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