Inflatable sleeping Air BED

Inflatable sleeping Air BED

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Whether you’re camping or just chilling out in the backyard, this bed lets you relax on a cushion of air. It inflates by itself (no pump required) and is durable enough to not be damaged by rocks or asphalt. Just 3 steps: 1. Take it out and open the bag against the wind, so that the air could be taken in. 2. Repeat filling the air operation 3. To be filled to 80% of full air,rolled up the seal inwardly , tie up and seal, and fasten it. Easy to use design with no pump necessary Open up this air bed and allow the wind to fill to a comfortable level Can be used on water, rocks, grass, or pavement without fear of tearing Comes in a small backpack that can quickly be transported and packed Materials: parachute-grade ripstop nylon Holds approximately 600 liters of air Inflated dimensions: 78”x 34”x 22”

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