Gemei Solar Trimmer (GM-759)

Gemei Solar Trimmer (GM-759)

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Tucked t-shirt relaxed plaited leather tote Jil Sander Vasari bomber clutch. Lilac minimal crop flats slipper denim shorts seam.

Create your perfect style with the Gemei Solar Powered Trimmer. A high performance detail Trimmer that gives you all the tools to perfect your look. Maintain your style, get clean, sharp lines around the edge of your beard, or create perfect stubble with the full-sized trimmer. The Trimmer can be charged via sunlight, thanks to the solar panel in the front or simply charge the traditional way by plugging in the charger.



  • The cutter comb can be applied to cut hair at a certain length
  • Standard charging time is 8 hours
  • Voltage: AC 220-240V~50-60Hz/3W
  • Up to 30 minutes cordless shaving
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery
  • Easy operation allowed by “Push” type switch
  • Indicator light function
  • Intelligent anti-clip system
  • Silver alloy motor for high rotational speed
  • Easily rechargeable by sunlight via the solar panels.

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