Garden genie gloves

Garden genie gloves

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Tucked t-shirt relaxed plaited leather tote Jil Sander Vasari bomber clutch. Lilac minimal crop flats slipper denim shorts seam.

Garden Genie is a specialized pair of gardening gloves that can provide protection while also performing the tasks of several tools. The gloves are made of a durable and flexible material that shields the user from a variety of potentially harmful factors like thorns, edges, or excessive moisture exposure. As seen on TV Garden Genie Gloves also feature integrated claws that provide the abilities related to traditional gardening instruments like hand trowels and rakes.

The built-in claws make digging, planting, grading and raking fast and easy. High density plastic claws instantly replace hand tools. Durable and puncture resistant to protect your hands – prevents cuts and blisters.

Garden Genie Gloves rinse clean and don’t hold dirt leaving your hands dry , clean and protected.

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