Foldable 3.7m  Aluminium Ladder

Foldable 3.7m Aluminium Ladder

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This ‘As Seen on TV’ Multi-purpose Aluminum Ladder has thicker aluminium sides, making it solid and safe when working at heights. It can be used as a step ladder, twin step ladder, telescoping ladder, platform and more. With a 150kg maximum load, it’s great for getting all types of tasks done around the house and even at work sites.   Specifications: – 3.4m Maximum expandable length – 85cm folded ladder – 1.68m “A-FRAME” ladder – Inclusive of 12 steps – Space between each step : 28cm (11.02 inches) – It can be folded in to 8 different poistions – Made of Aluminum – Ladder weighs 12kg Features: – 8-in-1 expandable, foldable ladder – Industrial grade construction – The construction is well built as well as foldable – It is handy and light in weight – Hinges with automatic lock system – It can be used in the Household or at work site – Super quality aluminum body – Convincing rubber feet – Up to 150 Kg capacity

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