Fast Hair Straightener Brush

Fast Hair Straightener Brush

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This Fast Hair Straightening Brush allows you to straighten your hair while going through the normal brushing routine. When the comb plate reaches 230 degrees, it only tops at 50 degrees so it will not burn your skin. It can help massage your head and relax you. The straightening brush also produces anions which remove static electricity and combine with air to produce moisture to help nourish your hair.

The 360 degree rotatably wire helps prevent wire tangling for easier brushing. How to Use: Use the brush as you would a regular hair brush to comb down and let the hair be shiny and smooth The brush should be used bead up or in a vertical position for best results To prevent and reduce wearing of the brush, wet a piece of cloth with soapy water, then apply on the brush surface and wipe off with a damp cloth, making sure to let it dry off.


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