Cockroach Catcher

Cockroach Catcher

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Cockroach catcher is the most efficient trap. It is a pentagon shape, 3 tiers and 5 entrances design, once the roaches entered, there is no way to escape. Made of high quality PP plastic, It is reusable.

  • Just open the clear cover, put some food or other bait in the center, then cover it and put the box in cockroach infested area. The cockroach will be attracted by the smell and they will be trapped in the box since the baffle can’t be opened from inside.
  • The clear visible cover makes you can feel free to check the status in box but no need to open it. If successfully catch some cockroaches, you can kill them in box with hot water, or expose the box to strong sunshine, make them dry to dead.
  • Size 14x 14 x 8 cm

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