Borlee Mini-01 Desktop Compact 3D Printer

Borlee Mini-01 Desktop Compact 3D Printer

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Tucked t-shirt relaxed plaited leather tote Jil Sander Vasari bomber clutch. Lilac minimal crop flats slipper denim shorts seam.

Entry Level Printer, Easy to tune, calibrate and use, support Abs/pla/wood/flexible pla/nylon filament comes with 1 free 300g spool of filament Can pause and add filament when the filament run out and will continue with projects as filament is reloaded Fdm technology, max print volume: 90mm*90mm*90mm,with 10-80mm/s print speech,can make your creations come to life easily and efficiently Freedom to use 3D printing software like Cura/Repeitor-hostfor for simple customization of 3D models.

  • Print technology:FDM
  • Build size:90*90*90mm
  • Printing accuracy:0.1-0.4mm
  • Exturder:1
  • Product size:343*281*295mm
  • Packing size:440mm*360mm*370mm
  • Net Weight:4.2kg
  • Gross weight:8.5kg
  • Printable material:PLA,Plastic wood,Soft pla, Luminous pla
  • Print speech:10-80mm/s
  • Nozzle temperature(MAX):255
  • Hot bed:No
  • Nozzle diameter:0.4mm
  • Filament diamenter:1.75mm
  • Connectivity:USB
  • Print file format:Input:STL/OBJ, Output:Gcode/G
  • Operate system:Windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista,Linux,Mac
  • Software:Cura/Repeitor-host
  • Language:English / Chinese
  • Input power:100-240V, 1.7A?50-60Hz
  • Output power:12V — 10A
  • Power consumption:12V — 10A
  • Power consumption?90W
  • Continuous wokring time: 168 hours
  • Assembly:Pre-assembly
  • SD Card off-line printing?YES

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