Bestway Rectangular Deluxe Splash Frame Pool

Bestway Rectangular Deluxe Splash Frame Pool

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This Bestway 118″ Rectangular Splash Frame Pool is a great size for families with young children and small spaces. The shallow depth of the pool makes it great swimming pool for kids who are becoming more adept at paddling.One of the finest features of the rectangular pool is how incredibly quick and easy it is to put together. The frame of the family swimming pool is made by joining steel poles together with ‘T’ connectors and ‘C’ clips.

* 118in. x 79in. x 26in. / 3.00m x 2.01m x 66cm
* Water capacity (90%)
* Easy set up
* Rust-resistant metal frames
* Easy to take down for off-season storage
* Underwater Adhesive Repair Patch

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