Beauty Rose Air Tight Container Set

Beauty Rose Air Tight Container Set

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Designed for your convenience, these air tight and water proof Storage Containers are both microwave and freezer friendly. Stylish enough to serve from, these containers net within each other when not in use, making them functional as well as convenient to store. An ideal solution for storing food fresh or cooked keeping them fresh longer and tasting as great as the day you put them in it, saving you time and money. Features: – Safe and hygienic to be used in the microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher – Non-toxic, oil-resistant and anti-acid base, non-reactive, ensuring nothing transfers into your food – Made of food grade material and environmentally friendly – Stack-able design can create more usable space when storing – Has a good sealing effect keeping food fresh longer and the refrigerator odor free – Multi-purpose with 6 different sizes/capacities – Air release button on the lid makes them microwave safe

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