Abtronic X2 Belt | Belly Fat Reduction Machine

Abtronic X2 Belt | Belly Fat Reduction Machine

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Abtronic X2 Belt | Belly Fat Reduction Machine, It’s called ‘X2’ because it takes your work out to the Extreme. With 2 x the power for double the results!
* With its unique ‘DUAL CHANNEL TECHNOLOGY’ featuring conductive pads in the front AND back – The Abtronic X2 targets two SEPARATE muscle groups at the same time.
* Super strengthen your core and really maximize your exercise routine.
* Perfect for all fitness levels with 8 different body workouts – from short, staccato muscle contractions to long, deep pulsations.
* 10 intensity levels… from a soothing, therapeutic massage up to an intense workout.
* That’s 80 different programs! And It only takes 10 minutes a day.
* Abtronic X2 also tones other parts of your body
* Tighten and SHAPE your BUNS,Firm and lift your chest, Your neck and shoulders
* In just 1 minute you’ll get at least 400 muscle contractions – Imagine doing 400 sit-ups!

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