twin hob grill plate

twin hob grill plate

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Place the twin hob grill plate on the cooker over 2 correctly sized hobs, never allow flames to exceed the grill plate diameter, place your food on the grill plate and alow cooking. Cook on low to medium heat for best results, high heat should only be needed for pre heating or browning meats. Use only plastic, wooded or silicone utensils with the grill plate metal utensils will damage the surface to clean wash before first use, use only warm soapy water do not use abrasive detergents or scourers as this will damage the surface rinse thoroughly and dry before using or storing. It can be used for defrosting or as an oven tray for baking and grilling Twin Hob Grill Plate Iron/Teflon Non-Stick Coating Strong and durable Easy to use

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